Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Remodeling Your Kitchen

24 April 2023
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When you start telling friends that you're going to remodel your kitchen, they will start coming to you with all sorts of well-intended advice. Some of this advice may be spot-on. Other advice may actually be based on misconceptions, rather than facts and information. It's always good to know the difference. So, here are some common misconceptions to be aware of if you're planning a kitchen remodel.

Misconception: It's always cheapest to save and reuse as many materials as possible.

Kitchen remodels can get expensive, and the first way that people often try to save is by leaving some of the existing materials in place. For example, you might decide the floor is okay and leave it. Or, you might decide the countertops are okay and leave them in place. Sometimes this approach can save you money, but not always. Sometimes, leaving a few materials in place makes it a lot harder for your remodeling team to work around and preserve those materials, which adds to your labor costs. So, before you ask your remodeler to leave a material in place, ask them if doing so will actually save you money. If they tell you it will be easier to remove and replace that material, take their word for it.

Misconception: You can move things around and change designs as you go.

You might figure you'll have the contractor put the cabinets in, and then you'll look at them and decide where the sink goes. Or, you may think there's no rush to decide where to put the fridge since there's not even a floor yet. But the longer you wait to make a decision, the fewer your options will be. Moving an appliance or material late in the remodel may require your contractor to re-draw other plans, run new ducts, etc. The most efficient approach is to create a full design before anyone starts demolishing or rebuilding.

Misconception: Stone counters cost a fortune.

Stone counters can be expensive. Granite and marble counters do tend to be some of the most costly options. However, if you want stone counters and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them, there are options. Soapstone, slate, and quartzite counters all tend to be less expensive, and they are hard and durable. Don't assume stone is out of your price range before you look at some prices.

With these misconceptions cleared up, you're more prepared than ever for your kitchen remodel. Good luck!