Repairing Your Sprinkler Damage After A Flood

14 February 2023
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Flash flooding will cause widespread damage to your property. Unfortunately, your sprinkler system can become a victim of this type of damage. As a result, it is common for homeowners to need to undertake extensive sprinkler repairs following major property flooding.

Assessing Sprinkler Damage After A Flood

There are many ways that your sprinkler system could suffer damage after a flood. A comprehensive damage assessment is needed to identify the full range of damage to the system. The irrigation repair contractor may conduct a video inspection of the sprinkler system's lines as part of this process. This inspection allows problems to be identified with minimal excavation. During these inspections, the technician may find compacted mud, ruptured pipes, and other damages that must be repaired. After completing this assessment, the contractor can provide you with a detailed quote outlining the costs and specific work the system needs.

Preparing The Property For The Sprinkler Repairs

The necessary repairs for your sprinkler system could be substantial. For example, a person may need to arrange for large portions of the sprinkler system to be excavated. This excavation can be required when parts of the sprinkler lines need replacing. The flood waters could cause the soil to shift enough to crack the buried plumbing lines, which makes this repair necessary. Before the repair contractors arrive, you must move debris from the flood, landscape decorations, or outdoor furniture out of the way. Otherwise, the contractors may have difficulty excavating the damaged portion of the irrigation system.

Correcting Erosion Near The Sprinkler System

Flash flooding can rapidly erode the soil around the sprinkler system. This erosion can impact the sprinkler in several different ways. The most obvious is that it may wash away the dirt supporting the sprinkler system. Without this support, the sprinklers may develop leaks or ruptures due to the strain on the water lines. Additionally, erosion can expose more of the sprinkler heads. Without the soil to hold the sprinkler heads in place, they may be less precise when spraying water.   

Reducing The Risk Of Future Flood Damage To The Sprinkler System

Repairing your flood-damaged sprinkler system is possible, but it can be costly. After suffering this property damage, you should invest in upgrades to reduce the risk of flooding in the future. Improving the storm runoff management of the property can help with this goal. The installation of gutter systems and storm drains can give you the ability to direct where the storm runoff flows.

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