Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation Makes Your Barn More Comfortable In The Winter

14 January 2022
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If you're tired of freezing every time you work in your pole barn, it's time to upgrade the barn's insulation. A pole barn can be insulated in various ways since it has walls and a ceiling, but an effective choice is spray foam. Pole barn spray foam insulation is just like the insulation you may have in the attic or between the walls of your house. Here's a look at how it's applied and why you might want to choose spray foam insulation for your barn.

Why Spray Foam Is Good Insulation For A Pole Barn

Spray foam has multiple benefits for a barn. The foam goes on as a spray, so the insulation can flow around objects and get a tight seal on gaps, holes, and cracks. Plus, when the foam cures, it gets very hard. This adds to the strength and structural support of the building, making it sturdier. In addition, closed-cell foam acts as a vapor barrier that controls moisture in the building. The foam is also an excellent insulating material that will reduce heat transfer and keep you warmer when you're working in the barn during the winter.

How Spray Foam Is Applied

Your contractor can apply spray foam insulation to the floor, walls, and ceiling of your pole barn. You can choose the areas where you want the foam applied, and the contractor will choose between open and closed-cell depending on the situation. The area has to be prepped by moving everything away from the walls and covering what's left with tarps to protect them from overspray.

The contractor can then start spraying the area with liquid that quickly turns to foam and hardens. Working with spray foam is hazardous since liquid chemicals are sprayed around. The contractor has to wear safety equipment during the process, and you'll need to leave the area.

What Things To Consider

Together with your contractor, you'll need to think about some things when it comes to pole barn spray foam insulation. First, decide if you want the walls left open, or if you want to close them. This choice helps the contractor decide whether to use open or closed spray foam on the walls. However, you need to check with your local codes office too, since you might be required to close the walls once insulation is applied.

Another thing to consider is if you want to wrap the building first. Ask your contractor for advice. Spray foam and certain types of metal might interact and cause the metal wall to corrode, and this problem is prevented by wrapping the building first and then spraying on the insulation. Plus, this makes the insulation much easier to remove if you ever need to.

Finally, don't forget to ask how long you need to stay out of the building to allow the chemicals to clear before you can get back to work in your barn. The spray foam hardens right away, but it might take a few days for the air to clear so you can close the barn and turn up the heat while you work.

For more information on pole barn spray foam insulation, contact a company that provides insulation materials.