Commercial HVAC Considerations For Your Enterprise

4 January 2021
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The HVAC needs of a large commercial building can be radically different from those that a small residential property would require. While a commercial HVAC system will often be far stronger and more complicated, it is still possible for new business owners to make smart choices when they are looking to upgrade the HVAC system for their building.

The Importance Of Humidity Control

Depending on the types of products that your business may sell, controlling the humidity levels in the building can be a key priority. If the humidity is allowed to get too high or low, it may contribute to your products degrading or suffering significant damage. Luckily, there are HVAC systems that are capable of providing year-round humidity control assistance so that you can keep the interior of your building at a stable humidity level regardless of what the conditions outside may be like.

The Strength Of The Blower And The Unit's Cooling Output

The size of the building will play another major role in determining the HVAC system that will be right for your building. Commercial structures can have very large interior spaces, and you will have to be sure to choose a commercial HVAC system that will be large enough to be able to cool and heat these spaces. This will involve checking both the heating and cooling output of the unit as well as the strength of the blower. Individuals can easily overlook the need to check the strength of the blower before buying a unit, but this will determine the effectiveness of the unit at distributing the air from the HVAC system.

The Ease Of Repairing The Unit In The Future

At some point during the time that your business is using the HVAC system, it will suffer a problem and need to be repaired. For this reason, you should also consider the ease of repairing the unit when you are making a decision about purchasing and installing a particular unit. This can be an important advantage of choosing an HVAC system from a major manufacturer as it will likely be easier to find both replacement parts as well as professional contractors to work on the system.

The Method Of Controlling The Use Of The HVAC System

Due to the fact that your business may have a number of different employees with varying preferences when it comes to temperature, you will likely want to plan ahead and have a strategy for limiting the ability of workers to change the temperature setting. One option for this can be to install the thermostat in the manager's office so that they will be the only one that is able to change its settings. Another option could be to install a plastic case around the thermostat that will require a key to open.

Reach out to a commercial HVAC technician to discuss your needs.