When You Want Your Home Fixed Yesterday But Insurance Won't Pay For Weeks: What To Do Next

28 September 2018
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There are only so many things in this world more frustrating than filing an insurance claim and having to wait. That is especially true when the thing that needs repair is your home. In the wake of many catastrophic events in the last three months, you already know that you have to first deal with FEMA and then with your insurance claim adjuster.

You could still file a claim with your insurance company prior to FEMA's investigation into the disaster zone surrounding your home, but then the insurance company will want to know FEMA's final determination and assessment before giving you a check. In the meantime, you want to hire a contractor before all of the contractors are booked up. What do you, or can you, do? Rather than sit around on your haunches and stare at your badly damaged home, you can do the following.

Go Ahead and Hire a Contractor

The contractors in your area already know that everyone is in the same boat. Hard-struck and waiting for money, the property owners do not have to sit and wait around. The contractors are more than willing to line up jobs with everyone, so long as the contract for work and a small retainer fee is made. Some contractors do not bother with a retainer fee. They are content enough to sign the contract. Making sure you at least have a contractor lined up is far more important than waiting on everything else. Additionally, you could apply for a small loan based on the estimate from the contractor and the supposed amount the insurance company intends to give you.

Get Contractor Insurance Claim Funding

In times and places where a natural disaster is expected to be pronounced, banks and contractors know that there will be money to fix homes. The contractors are willing to accept a small payment if that is all you currently have. The banks are willing to lend you a large portion of the money you expect to receive from your insurance company once FEMA has provided its report to the insurance adjuster. At the very least, then, your contractor can begin work as soon as FEMA has examined and inspected your home. (In the event that your insurance denies the claim, which is rare when FEMA is involved, you can sue the insurance company and then borrow a loan for the portion you expect to receive as compensation from the insurance company as awarded to you by the courts.)

File Your Claim and Wait for FEMA

Some aspects of this process seem a little backwards, but during an instance of a natural disaster, nothing seems "normal" anyway. Find a contractor, hire the contractor, take a loan out against your check from FEMA/your insurance company's expected funds, file your claim, and wait for FEMA to finish. That is how this works best. For more information, call your nearest roofing insurance claim funding service provider today.