4 Benefits Of Having A Residential Well

31 August 2016
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Having a well at your home can you give you multiple advantages. Although city water may be available in your area, a well gives you access to water that is already on your land. Here are a few of the benefits of having your own well at your residence:

Clean Water

Often, city officials provide reports to area residents concerning the quality of city water. Although these reports do give you an idea of the levels of contaminants within the water, they do not make the water cleaner. City water typically contains chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride, which you may be concerned about you and your family consuming.

Your well water will be filtered through your own filtration system. Additionally, since the water is from a well, instead of recycled and chemically treated, it tends to be purer and of greater quality.

The well water can also be periodically tested using your own equipment whenever you wish. The test results can confirm the purity of the water that you and your family are ingesting.

Lower Cost

City water can be quite expensive, especially if you use a large quantity of it. The water is billed to you by the gallon.

Well water is available in practically a limitless quantity at no additional cost beyond that of the drilling and well equipment. You can water your lawn and take long showers without fear of a large water bill.

Additionally, you can avoid the constraints of area water restrictions. During times of drought, some city water officials restrict the amount of water that residents can use. Watering your lawn may only be allowed during certain periods of the day or even certain days of the week.

The only restrictions concerning the use of your well water will be those imposed by you.

Generational Savings

If you plan to keep your residence in the family after you pass away, the well water can still be extracted and used by your loved ones. This can help ensure healthy water for generations to come.

Increase in Property Value

If you do choose to sell your property at some point, having a well drilled on your land can increase the value of your property. Many prospective buyers may find a property that is more self-sufficient because having its own water supply is more desirable.

To learn more about residential wells and their benefits, schedule an appointment with a well drilling professional in your area, such as Ellsworth Well & Pump.