Why Your Air Conditioning Problems Might Come From Your Ventilation

25 January 2016
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If you have been having problems with your ventilation lately, then you are probably considering hiring a professional to come and take a look. After all, problems with your ventilation can make your utility bills skyrocket, since they tend to make your heater and commercial air conditioner work overtime to achieve normal performance levels. To help you get a better idea of what might be wrong with your ventilation and why you might need the help of a professional, here is one such factor that might be responsible for your ventilation problems: dead animals.

Solid Blockages and Obstructions

It's natural for dust and debris to build up in your vents, and such materials can certainly cause problems, but there are some blockages that are much more serious. While blockages can reduce your HVAC efficiency and increase your utility bills, some blockages can pose health hazards and drastically reduce your quality of life.


For example, you might be dealing with a dead rodent or other small animal. If there is a hole in your ventilation somewhere or if a filter or cover is not attached properly, it's not too hard for small animals to crawl into your air ducts. This is a particularly serious problem in regions with cold winters, where animals might want to crawl into warm air ducts for a bit of comfort. If they crawl in there and die, then their remains can be incredibly problematic.


For starters, these bodies will start to decompose and emit a horrific smell. This will be accelerated in warm environments, such as air ducts that are being used by a heater. This smell can be transmitted throughout the entire home via the ducts, result in an extremely uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

If you do find the remains and attempt to remove them yourself, then you need to be very careful of the potential health hazards. There are a wide variety of bacteria that thrive in corpses, and some of them can cause adverse health effects in humans.


Therefore, it's often in your best interest to call a professional to remove such hazards. While you might think that you can remove the rodent yourself, you might not even necessarily be able to reach the remains. Specialists can bring a variety of safety gear and equipment that can reach deep into your vents, clearing out problematic material with ease.

You should consider whether or not you can effectively remove the blockage yourself without causing damage to the ventilation system and without buying expensive tools. In many cases, the cost of hiring a professional will be well worth the assurance that the job will be done quickly and easily.