Helpful Information About Removing & Replacing Drywall

21 January 2016
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Are you renovating one of the rooms in your house by repairing some damaged drywall? You can't just take a tool and start destroying the drywall in your house, as there are things that must be done for your safety. Discover below important things to know when working on a home project that involves drywall.

What Must a Homeowner Do When Removing Drywall?

The first step to a home project involving the removal of drywall is to make contact with the environmental agency where you live. Basically, you will have to get permission through the agency to remove the drywall on your own. The reason a permit is necessary is because sometimes there is harmful asbestos in drywall that can cause problems for your health and other people. The agency will have to send an inspector to your house to test the drywall for friable and non-friable asbestos. You will have to get a permit and might have to hire a professional to remove the drywall for you if there is friable asbestos in the drywall.

Why Is a Permit Necessary for Removing Drywall with Friable Asbestos?

One of the things that make handling friable asbestos so harmful is that it can get into your body and cause serious health problems. Many of the health conditions caused from friable asbestos exposure involve harm to the lungs. A serious lung cancer called Mesothelioma can develop if drywall with friable asbestos is not professionally removed. You will only get a permit to remove the asbestos on your own if there is not a large amount of it in the drywall. The environmental agency might require that you hire a professional for the project, as it is important to prevent the pulverized substance from getting into the environment.

How Much Does Drywall Installation Cost?

A professional contractor is estimated to charge at least $0.85 per square foot or more to install new drywall for you. Plan to spend up to $0.65 per square foot more to purchase the drywall that is being installed. The contractor is likely to charge extra if you expect him or her to handle setting up an appointment for an asbestos inspection or applying for a permit on your behalf. The complexity of the overall project is what will determine the final price that you are charged. Make contact with a professional contractor like Zip Drywall to get the old drywall removed and replaced as soon as you are able to!