5 Reasons To Consider Having A Metal Roof Installed

7 January 2016
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For many people, the idea of metal roofs conjures up images of shacks topped with tin, which is not an idea that most homeowners find appealing. However, if the time has come to replace an existing roof, you should give metal roofing material serious consideration. Following are five benefits of installing a metal roof.


Today's metal roofs are a long way from old-fashioned tin coverings of the past. Modern metal roofing materials can emulate anything from wooden shakes to smooth slate shingles, providing homeowners with many aesthetic choices. Metal roofs are available in virtually any color of the rainbow, or they can be left plain and provided with a matte finish for an understated look. Brushed nickel and hammered copper roofs provide a particularly upscale appearance.


Metal roofing materials were used in the construction of a concept home for a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) project in Nebraska designed for maximum sustainability and durability. This home is meant to provide a model for future home construction in a world where dwindling resources mean that sustainability matters more than ever. Metal roofing material lasts an average of two to three times longer than its asphalt counterpart, and it is 100 percent recyclable when the time comes to replace it. 

Energy Efficiency

Those who live in climates with warm or hot summers can save as much as 50 percent on household air conditioning costs by having a metal roof installed. Unlike asphalt and other types of shingles, metal roofing materials reflect heat away from the surface rather than absorbing it, which plays a significant role in helping keep interior temperatures down. Those who live in cooler climates can choose dark metal roofing materials to absorb heat from the sun.

Fire Resistance

Metal roofs that are installed over noncombustible materials have a Class-A fire rating, making them the safest possible roofing materials when it comes to fire. Keep in mind that fires often spread by airborne sparks, making the roof the first line of defense in fire protection strategies.

Low Maintenance

Metal is one of the most low maintenance roofing materials available. Because it's got a nonporous surface, lichens, mosses, algae, mold, and mildew aren't able to gain a foothold and form colonies. Unlike asphalt shingles, the finish on metal shingles won't crack or shed small particles that need to be removed from the gutters on a regular basis.

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