Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Casement Windows With Double-Hung Windows

26 October 2022
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Double-hung windows have become very popular over the past few decades. Almost all new homes are built with this style of window, at least in the bedrooms and main living area. Many people who have their windows replaced also choose to have double-hung windows installed, even if that's not what their home had originally. So, if you currently have casement windows, should you swap them out for double-hung during your next window replacement? Maybe, but maybe not. Consider these pros and cons of making the switch.

Pro: Double hung windows are safer for kids and pets.

You can open double-hung windows from the top, which means the open part of the window is basically inaccessible by pets and small kids. It would be nearly impossible for a child or dog to fall out a double-hung window that's opened from the top. On the contrary, kids and small pets have fallen through the broader openings created by casement windows. Double-hung windows also don't have hinges that little fingers and tails could get caught in.

Con: Double-hung windows may not be as secure.

There's nothing inherently insecure about double-hung windows, but they're not quite as secure as casements. Casement windows latch tightly into the frame and are nearly impossible for someone to jimmy open from the outside as long as they are properly latched and locked. Double-hung windows are easier for someone to "pick."

Pro: Double-hung windows are often easier for people with arthritis to operate.

To open a casement window, you have to spin around that little crank to swing the window open on its hinges. This can be tough for people with hand arthritis. Double hung windows are often easier to open and close if you have limited dexterity. (Some models have latches that are tough to use, but there are plenty of models with which that you basically have to flip a latch and then simply push the window up or down.)

Con: Your window contractor will have to do more work.

It will be more labor for your window replacement contractor to replace the casement windows with double-hung ones. They'll have to modify your window openings. This can add to the labor cost of your window replacement project.

Some homeowners really benefit from switching to double-hung windows, and others decide it's not right for them. Talk to your window replacement contractor to learn more and also to get a quote. 

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