3 Advantages Of Concrete Tile Roofing For Your Home

26 August 2022
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There are several options for residential roofs, so you'll want to compare all types of roofing to make the best choice. For instance, you may not give much thought to concrete tiles, but they are very durable and often an excellent match for all types of homes. Here are some advantages of concrete tile roofing.

1. Concrete Tiles Last For Many Decades

It's true that concrete is an expensive form of roofing, but over the life of the roof, the cost may even out since concrete tiles last a long time. The tiles aren't damaged easily. They stand up to winds, hail, and damage that could lead to leaking. Plus, concrete also protects your home against fire.

A concrete roof should be inspected regularly to keep moss from taking over and to check for cracks and other damage, but as long as you keep up with repairs, you shouldn't have much trouble with the roof over the years, and the roof might even last so long that you never need to buy another roof in your lifetime.

2. Concrete Tiles Look Like Other Types Of Roofing

Concrete tiles are often made to look like clay tiles with barrel shapes, but they can also look like slate or cedar shakes. Since the tiles start out as poured concrete, they can take on just about any look you want with texture and color added. This lets you get a roof that looks like cedar shakes but needs less maintenance and is longer lasting.

Concrete tiles can even be made in different ways so the weight of the tiles varies. You might want lighter tiles if your home won't support the heavy weight of traditional concrete tiles. However, concrete tiles are usually heavy, so it's important to add structure to your roof to support the weight if necessary.

3. Concrete Doesn't Need A Lot Of Maintenance

Even though the concrete tiles might not need repairs very often, it's still important to check the roof regularly. If you have a white roof, algae might make ugly black stains that you'll want to have removed to maintain the beauty of your home. Moss should also be killed and removed so the roots don't cause damage to your roof.

However, unless your roof is in a very strong storm with unusually large hail, storms and weather exposure may not cause as much damage as they would to a shingle roof. You'll still want the roofer to keep an eye on flashing and rubber boots since these might wear out faster than the tiles. For more information on roofing, contact a professional near you.