Siding Installation Tips For Homeowners

25 July 2022
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Having new siding installed is a major project that can influence the cosmetics of the home and its exterior performance. Being prepared to oversee the installation of new siding for your home is not a difficult process, but it will require you to learn more about the basics of this upgrade.

Bushes And Trees Near The Home May Need To Be Cut Or Trimmed

The bushes and trees near your home may have grown very close to the exterior of the house. In some cases, these plants may even be in contact with the exterior siding. Unfortunately, this could be very disruptive to the contractors that are attempting to install the new siding on your home. As part of the process of preparing the house for this type of work, homeowners should be prepared to have any plants that are near the exterior of the home trimmed. At a minimum, there should be at least a couple feet of space to allow the contractors enough room to install the siding.

The Siding Replacement Process Can Be Fairly Loud For Those Inside The Home

The installation of new siding can be surprisingly loud for the interior of the home. In particular, individuals may hear banging and sliding sounds as the new siding panels are secured in place. For those that work at home, this can be fairly distracting, and it may make it difficult to use video conferencing or even telephones, as the background noise can make it difficult for you to hear the other person and for them to be able to hear you. If you have to work from home, you may want to arrange for a temporary workspace until this work is completed. Fortunately, the siding installation process is fairly short, and this can be the case even for larger homes.

The Quality And Type Of Siding That You Choose Can Impact The Results That You Enjoy

In addition to having to oversee the work that is directly involved with installing new siding, a homeowner will also have to make informed choices about the type and quality of siding that they choose. For a person that is wanting siding that is as durable and low-maintenance as possible, fiber cement or vinyl can be two of the better options. Between these two, vinyl will be a more affordable option, but it will tend to be less durable than fiber cement. Additionally, fiber cement siding will tend to provide better insulation and noise suppression.

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