Reasons For Low Water Pressure In A Home

17 June 2022
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You might need to hire a plumber from time to time when you own a home. Plumbers can fix problems with plumbing systems and offer other services, including maintenance services. In addition, they can help you solve the problem of low water pressure. Have you noticed a significant decrease in your water pressure lately? If so, it might be due to one of the following reasons.

Your pipes have debris accumulation

The freshwater pipes in your home transfer water from your well or water system to the faucets. If the pressure is low, it could be due to a problem with your freshwater pipes. The primary problem that leads to low water pressure with pipes is debris accumulation in the pipes. In other words, if you have minerals in your water, they can stick to your pipes. As this happens, the debris accumulates and restricts the water that flows through the pipes. The result is a decrease in your water pressure. A plumber can fix this by cleaning out the pipes or replacing them, depending on their condition.

Your regulator is bad

Most plumbing systems contain a pressure regulator, which is a device that controls the water flow through your pipes. This device basically determines how much (or how little) water flows through the pipes. When a pressure regulator works properly, you should have plenty of water pressure. However, a bad pressure regulator might lead to low water pressure, as it might not allow enough water to get through the pipes. If this is the cause of the problem, a plumber will have to remove the device and replace it with a new one.

You have leaky pipes

The third cause of low water pressure is leaky pipes. When water travels through your pipes, all the water should get to the faucets. In fact, you'll have better water pressure when this occurs. However, leaks in your pipes allow some of this water to escape during its travels. The result is less water pressure from your faucets. Again, a plumber can fix this problem for you. The most common method for fixing it is replacing the pipes that have leaks.

Hire a plumber

When your home has low water pressure, it likely won't fix itself. Therefore, you might want to search for a reputable plumber in your area to hire. A plumbing service —such as Platinum Contracting, LLC—can identify the cause of the low water pressure and offer options for repairing it.