Tips For Choosing Ceramic Tile That Will Stand Out In Your Home

26 July 2021
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Ceramic tile has been around for decades on end and this unwavering popularity is not without reason. One of the leading advantages that this material offers is endurance, so it is a great option for flooring your entire home since it can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as wet conditions. In addition to this, ceramic tile is glazed to make it non-porous so it is a great hypoallergenic solution for households with residents that suffer from seasonal allergies, respiratory problems, and more.

However, some homeowners may feel that plain ceramic tile does not add much visual interest to their home. Thus, individuals that are looking for striking flooring solutions might overlook this option but this should not be the case. Keep reading for a couple of tips to help you choose a ceramic tile that will stand out in your home.

Graphic motifs

Although some people think that graphic design is exclusively used in print and digital media, the reality is that it is just as excellent for tiling applications, more so when installing ceramic tiles in your home. You can use different motifs to delineate various parts of your home, or you have the option of choosing the same motif for continuity from one room to the next. Moreover, your choice of motif is completely at your discretion.

If your home is characterized by floral prints, you can choose ornamental motifs that will complement the floral patterns. On the other hand, if you have minimalist-chic interiors, you can opt for geometric motifs, which will add clean lines to your floors. Lastly, you have a wide assortment of colors to choose from, from bold and vivid hues to powdery pastels or even neutral greys and blacks.

Large, textured tiles

If you want to elevate both the visual and tactile appeal of this material, you may want to consider going a few sizes larger than the standard ceramic tile. The leading benefit of large ceramic tiles is that they draw the eye further, so they create the illusion of spacious interiors. Secondly, the larger the tiles are, the fewer the grout lines between them so you will not have to contend with unsightly discoloration between the tiles.

In terms of texture, you have two main embossing styles to consider. The first is the embossed style that creates recessed patterns into the ceramic tile whereas the second option is a raised pattern on the surface of the ceramic tile. Both these options help with improving the traction of the flooring. Furthermore, the textured surface adds visual interest to the tiles.

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