Furnace Maintenance Your System Needs This Winter

25 November 2020
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Your furnace is just like any other appliance in your home, but your furnace is a necessity in your home, not a luxury. You can't run out somewhere to get heat for your home, you need a furnace. During cold winter months, without a furnace, you could end up with frozen pipes and you can freeze as well. You need your furnace, and your furnace in turn needs proper maintenance to ensure it works properly throughout winter. If you don't maintain your system, it could break down on you. Read on to find out what maintenance your furnace needs this winter.

Clean Inside And Outside

That burning odor you smell when you first turn on your furnace is the dust burning off. This dust is most likely covering most of your furnace, especially if you've never cleaned it before. Give your furnace a good cleaning with the extension hose on your vacuum cleaner. Use the brush on your extension hose tools to clean the vents on the furnace and all of the surrounding areas. Turn your furnace off to get inside and clean the interior of your furnace as well. Open up the main panel and clean inside, but don't get too close to the moving parts, such as the belt and motor. Remove all of the dust that you can from inside and outside of your unit.

Keep A Clear Perimeter

Keep a clear perimeter around your furnace to ensure you don't block the oxygen from getting to your furnace and to also prevent a fire hazard. Don't use the area around your furnace for storage, keep this area clean and clear, and leave at least 2 feet all the way around your furnace if possible. If your furnace is located in a closet or other small area, this is fine, but don't store anything else around your furnace or inside of the small area.

Clear Space Around Your Vents

Be sure you keep a clear space around your vents all throughout your home. These vents are bringing the warm air to each room in your home, so if the vents are blocked, they aren't going to allow for a free flow of air. Make sure you keep furniture and other belongings off of the vents and also make sure they are all open and clean.

These are just a few of the maintenance tasks you should do this winter to ensure your furnace works. If your furnace is in need of maintenance, you can hire a professional maintenance service to keep up with these tasks for you.

For more information, contact a furnace maintenance service.