Three Reasons To Install A Septic Tank

6 January 2020
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If you are building a home on a property where you can install your own septic tank or connect to the city sewer system, you should seriously consider installing your own septic tank. There are many benefits that come from installing a septic system on your property.

Septic Systems Save You Money

Many people think that septic systems are really costly in comparison to connecting to the city sewer system. However, the truth is that in the long run, if you plan to live in your new home for a decade or two, your septic system will practically pay for itself.

You are going to have to pay upfront for the cost of installing your septic system, and every few years you will have to pay to have your septic system pumped.

However, the cost of installing a septic system and getting your septic system pumped is often less than paying the city you live in to use their sewer system. Additionally, if the city decides to upgrade the sewer system, you will foot the bill. You will also be responsible for maintaining and taking care of the connection from your home to the city sewer system.

With a city sewer system, you will have monthly bills to pay in order to access the sewer. With a septic tank, you have the upfront cost, and then every few years, you will have to pay to get the tank pumped.

Septic Systems Are a Great Green Alternative

When you are hooked up to the city sewer system, you have no control over how your wastewater is treated. Your wastewater is treated with harsh chemicals before being put back into the natural world. It is a chemical-filled process.

With a septic tank, the waste in the water is broken down using naturally existing bacteria. Chemicals are not used in the process.

Additionally, most septic systems do not require the use of electricity, whereas city water treatment plants use huge amounts of electricity.

Septic Systems Provide More Control

Finally, septic systems provide a high degree of control. They allow you to determine how you get rid of your wastewater and how you treat it. You can also select the location of the septic tank and how you want water drainage to work on your property in general.

If you have a choice between connecting to the city sewer system and installing a septic system, go for a septic system. You'll have to pay upfront for the installation process and pumping fees every few years, but you will not have to pay a monthly bill.

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