3 Reasons To Go With Aluminum For Your New Dock

4 July 2018
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Whether you own a marina or are just looking to set up your own private dock somewhere, you are going to have a decision to make when it comes to what kind of material you use. While concrete and wood are both certainly options, there are a number of reasons why aluminum docks may be superior to the other choices out there. Here are three reasons why you should go with aluminum when it's time build your next dock.

1. It Won't Set Your Feet on Fire 

Have you ever stepped barefoot onto a concrete dock that's been sitting in the sun on a 90-degree day? You probably moved to jump into your boat or the water as fast as possible before you developed a burn on your pour feet. Whereas concrete and some other materials can become quite heated when out under the sun, aluminum's properties keep it much cooler to the touch. Sure, there might be a little bit of heat, but it won't be at the level of concrete or wood.

2. It Won't Rust

Regardless of whether you are putting your dock into salt water or fresh water, aluminum is a great choice because it can sit in any kind of water without developing any rust or other similar issues. So whether you are worried about the salt in the water or just long-term exposure to the sun, you can rest easy knowing that your aluminum dock will likely look great far into the future, just like it did when you first installed it.

3. Lightweight But Strong

If you want a dock that is relatively simple to install, it doesn't get much easier than aluminum. Aluminum's lightweight properties make installation a breeze. That said, being lightweight doesn't mean it's not strong. When built correctly an aluminum dock can withstand heavy winds and other environmental hazards just like steel or concrete. If a kayak or boat lightly bumps into the dock, it won't be the end of the world. 

If the time has come to install a new dock either on your private property or at your public marina, take your time with your research when it comes to the type of materials available. Before you make your final decision, take a hard look at aluminum's rust-free properties, overall strength and ability to remain relatively cool even when the sun is out. For more information, reach out to a dock contractor today.