Which AC System Is Best For You?

14 May 2018
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Have you finally had it with sweltering summers and being miserable in your own home? If so, then it is high time that you had a cooling system installed. There are many cooling options on the market today that are designed to fit different budget and cooling needs. The following can help you determine which is the best choice for your home:

Do you have an existing duct system?

Having ducts installed throughout a home can be difficult and expensive, particularly in older homes that do not have the empty space in the walls for ducts to fit, or in homes without a basement or serviceable attic that make it difficult to access duct placement areas. If your home already has central heating, a standard central AC system can make use of the same ducts that the heating system uses; this makes the installation much easier and quicker, as well as less expensive. If you don't have ducts and don't want to have them installed, continue reading for other cooling installation options.

Can your home be easily divided into zones with each featuring an exterior wall?

Mini-split or ductless systems can be the answer if you desire a quality of cooling on par with central AC but don't have ducts. These systems consist of a compressor attached to an outside wall; a small air hose is fed through the ceiling from the compressor to a single vent that cools the room. Each compressor can run one to three vents, allowing it to cool up to three rooms. If your home is laid out in a way that can be zoned in such as manner so that you divide it into groups of two or three adjacent rooms that share an exterior wall, then a mini-split is an excellent option. As an added benefit, you only turn on the units you need, which makes most mini-split systems energy efficient options for cooling a home. You can even opt to have the system only installed in the rooms that need it most, like the living room and bedroom.

Do you only need to cool one or two rooms on a budget?

Window units have come a long way, with modern versions running more quietly and cooling more efficiently. If you don't have ducts and you don't want the expense of a mini-split system, choose a window unit as a cost-effective option to cool specific rooms, like the living room. The unit must be sized to cool the square footage of the room where it is placed as well as to fit into a window in that room. These units also work best if the room to be cooled can be shut off from the rest of the home, either with a door or curtains.

For more help, contact a cooling installation company in your area.