The Best Features Of Vinyl Siding

28 February 2016
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There are very few home renovations that are as useful as exterior siding. Adding an affordable vinyl siding to your exterior walls will completely alter the look of your home, but also add an effective layer of protection.   Vinyl siding is installed over your existing sidewalls with very little prep work. This means your home gains a layer of insulation and protection from the elements. This article explains the perks of vinyl siding.

Vinyl is Lightweight

Vinyl is probably the most popular siding material partly because it is so lightweight. This ultimately keeps down the production and shipping costs, and this shows in the price tag. The lightness of vinyl also makes it easy to handle during installation. Installing vinyl siding is much easier than working with a heavy product like wood. Of course, many homeowners are able to install their vinyl on their own, making the project very cost effective. There is still a lot of climbing up and down a ladder, but the process is not too intimidating.

Vinyl is Energy Efficient

Many people install vinyl on their sidewalls just to make their home more energy efficient. Vinyl is thin, but it is windproof. A light vinyl color will also reduce solar absorption, keeping your home much cooler during the summer. The thin area between the sidewalls and the vinyl also creates a valuable buffer zone. This reduces heat transfer into and out of your home. It is much easier to keep your home at the perfect temperature if you have vinyl siding. If you want extra insulation, you can invest in a product that has insulation on the inside lining.

Vinyl is Modular

Vinyl is very easy to install because it is made with a modular design. It is specifically engineered so the pieces can attach to each other without any fasteners or glue. They snap together with ease… no tools necessary. You will need a saw to cut the vinyl to length, but the installation is manageable. There are anchor pieces that need to be secure to the sidewall with power drills, but then the majority of the pieces are hung from the anchor piece. Comparatively, the labor that is necessary to nail or screw wooden siding onto a sidewall, vinyl is very easy. These are just some of the more popular reasons for investing in vinyl siding. You may personally love the style and easy maintenance of vinyl.

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