These Home Improvements Will Benefit Your Health

13 January 2016
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Making home improvements can produce an atmosphere that will help keep your family healthier. By providing a comfortable and secure home, you are eliminating many of the health issues that can occur from old appliances and construction issues. Here are a few guidelines to help your makeover be a huge success.

Exhaust Fans

Bathrooms and kitchens tend to accumulate extra moisture and would benefit with an exhaust fan to help control the humidity levels.

Quality Indoor Air

Many older homes don't have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that includes a clean air purifier system to eliminate allergens from residing in your home. The older units also may not cool or heat your home efficiently. You may want to consider a whole-house filtration unit if your HVAC unit is updated. This will ensure your home is free of most of the allergens that may be present in your home, and keep your family healthier.

Control Moisture

An attic or basement can produce an unhealthy environment for your family and produce toxic mold inside your home. Drainage problems may be the culprit with water accumulation around the foundation of the home. You can replace the drain spouts and gutters to channel the water away from that area. Another option could be placing dehumidifier units in the moist areas to remove the moisture. You should notice a quick change in the air quality.

Hot Tub

After a long stressful day, a hot tub can relieve the muscle tension and calm your nerves, as well as loosen those tight joints. You can also increase the blood flow and circulation. The relaxing warmth will produce endorphins to give you an added boost and produce a well-being state of mind to enjoy a peaceful evening of rest. You should wake the next morning ready to face all the challenges with vigor.

Improved Water Supply

You may notice the water has a funny taste. This is because of the contaminants in the water.  You may want to improve your drinking water with a whole-house filtration unit. You can choose one that mounts on the cold water supply line where the water enters the house or under the sinks. You can also purchase one to be placed on the faucets.


Carpeted areas of the home may hold mold spores and dust mites that are released into the air. By replacing or removing them, and installing tile or hardwood flooring, the air should be free of the contaminants. This should provide cleaner air and eliminate allergies that can be produced by the carpet.

These suggestions should make the home a comfortable living area. The health of your family is important, and you should protect them and provide all the necessary updates to keep them safe for their lifetime.

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